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Get prepped, primed and ready to shine. Whether you’re looking for a great night out or a taste of what Dianne offers for your next event or celebration, join Dianne and her band for a night of incredible tunes and stories.

Reckon you know Southern culture? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Roll up, grab a glass of moonshine, and bathe in the juicy, aural bliss that is Dianne Cripps and Southern Comfort!


Offering a diverse mix of jazz standards, blues, original tunes and re-imagined folk songs, Southern Comfort captures the narrative and beauty of Cripps’ history as a daughter of the Appalachian cultural region. Enriched with history and oozing with heart, Southern Comfort delivers beautifully crafted performances that inspire and engage.


Looking for a great events band available in Sydney, and beyond? This is one musical journey you just can’t pass up.

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9 JUL - The Birchgrove Restaurant

22 APR - Market Street Asian Tapas

21 MAY - The Birchgrove Restaurant

10 MAR - Butchers Brew Bar



​10 Jan - private function

7 Jan - SCG VIP Members Breakfast

17 Dec - The Birchgrove Restaurant

9 Dec - graduation function

3 Dec - Foundry 616

27 Nov - wedding

1 Nov - wedding

30 Oct - The Birchgrove Restaurant

3 Oct - private function

25 Sept - wedding


"Dianne is a warm and welcoming host, bringing us all into her world. It’s the way she was raised, she says, all part of that that legendary Southern hospitality. She’s always in control of her voice, with soulful bluesy vocals..."

What a special night was tonight! We enjoyed the show immensely. Incredible mix
of jazz, your virtuous voice, your great personality, fantastic band!! Loved all the
stories, so special.
—Nadia & Malcolm

Love your performance and your voice. Definitely will come back again.—Ratna

We all had a great night listening to your soulful voice and your stories from the
south! What a band!