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Her voice has been described as “a beautiful, soaring, heavenly voice which makes the listener feel as if she is singing just for them.”  Whether performing with her ensembles or classical concerts, Dianne Cripps brings her stunning vocals to any occasion.

Described by Loretta Barnard in Australia Jazz Net - "she is a dynamo!"

The one thing that unifies the diverse and far-reaching talents of blisteringly authentic Aus-based American jazz and Southern soul legend, Dianne Cripps is this: a belief in the power of music to tell stories. And incredible stories, at that.


In fact, Cripps’ life is full of them. Hailing from Virginia, USA, bluegrass and gospel runs thick and fast in her blood. Cripps’ father was a fastidious lover of Linda Ronstadt, big band-era repertoire, and the life’s work of jazz king himself, Nat King Cole. Cripps’ Great Grandpappy was the auspicious Devil John Wright, a legendary character of the region and subject of Cecil B DeMille film, Trail of the Lonesome Pine. Her Grandma? A hairdresser - but a bootlegger of moonshine out the back of her shop as well. As for Cripps herself, piano, saxophone and an abiding love of jazz standards filtered throughout her childhood, and it wasn’t before long that she began to write - slowly, at first, and then it came: a flood of work infused with the vivacious authenticity of her Southern upbringing. 

Cripps is no stranger to the international stage. Having studied with Australian jazz luminaries Judy Bailey and Michelle Nicolle and renowned vocal coach Alan Hicks, Cripps has recorded backing vocals for Barbra Streisand (Timeless LP, 2000) and performed everywhere - from the US Capitol steps, to the Sydney Opera House.


A natural-born storyteller and an incredible creative at heart, Cripps’ voice too is one-in-a-million. Rich, measured and captivating, her audiences are taken - no matter what the setting - by the complete and utter artistry of her presence. As one of the most highly sought-after entertainers in Sydney and beyond, Cripps presents her music with an inebriating blend of Southern Belle charm and unrivalled band of Australia’s top musicians. 


“I won’t sing anything that doesn’t have a life and a meaning to it,” Cripps says. 


And from concert halls, to corporate events, to jazz clubs and everything in between, it’s that genuine Southern hospitality - and lots of it - that Cripps delivers to her ever-expanding audiences.